Monthly remuneration pattern of employees under the Excise Directorate
A. The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof –
Policies are formulated by the government that is implemented by the Directorate. Various outreach programs are undertaken by the Directorate to apprise the stakeholders about various developments with regard to Acts, Rules, Systems and procedures. They are also free to approach the Commissioner with their representations and suggestions.
B. The monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations:

1SPECIAL COMMISSIONER OF REVENUE24 (Rs. 1,28,900/---2,01,000/-)
2CHEMICAL EXAMINER23 (Rs. 1,25,200/---1,95,300/-)
3ADDITIONAL COMMISSIONER OF REVENUE21 (Rs. 1,23,100/---1,91,800/-)
4SENIOR JOINT COMMISSIONER OF REVENUE19 (Rs. 95,100/---1,48,000/-), AFTER 25 YEARS OF SERVICE -21 (Rs.1,23,100/---1,91,800/-)
5JOINT COMMISSIONER OF REVENUE19 (Rs. 95,100/---1,48,000/-)
6DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF REVENUE17 (Rs. 67,300/---1,73,200/-)
7ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER OF REVENUE16 (Rs. 56,100/---1,44,300/-)
8INSPECTOR OF EXCISE14 (Rs. 39,900---1,02,800/-)
9ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER13 (Rs. 37,100/ ---95,500/-)
10STENOGRAPHER SCHEDULE- B12 (Rs. 35,800/---92,100/-)
11PERSONAL ASSISTANT (SCHEDULE- B, GRADE I)12 (Rs. 35,800/---92,100/-)
12PERSONAL ASSISTANT (SCHEDULE- B, GRADE II)12 (Rs. 35,800/---92,100/-)
13HEAD ASSISTANT10A (Rs. 33,000/ --- 85,000/-)
14SUB INSPECTOR OF EXCISE10 (Rs. 32,100/---82,900/-)
15ASSISTANT SUB INSPECTOR OF EXCISE08 (Rs. 27,0 00---69,800/-)
16UPPER DIVISION ASSISTANT (H.Q. & DISTRICT OFFICE)09 (Rs. 28,900/--- 74,500/-)
17AUDITOR09 (Rs. 28,900/--- 74,500/-)
18CONSTABLE OF EXCISE06 (Rs. 22,700---58,500/-)
19LOWER DIVISION ASSISTANT (H.Q. & DISTRICT OFFICE)06 (Rs. 22,700/--- 58,500/-)
20RECORD MUHARRIR06 (Rs. 22,700/--- 58,500/-)
21OFFICE PEON GRADE I05 (Rs. 21,000/---54,000/-)
22RECORD SUPPLIER GRADE – I05 (Rs. 21,000/---54,000/-)
23DUFTRY GRADE I03 (Rs. 18,800/--- 48700/-)
24GROUP- D STAFF01 (Rs. 17,000/--- 43,600/-)

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