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Activity Chart
• Registration of Suppliers
• Fixing of Supplier Margins & Retailer Margins
• Placing Order for Supply to Manufactories
• Online Payment to Suppliers
• Maintaining Ledger of Credits & Debits
• Monitoring Inventories of Warehouses
• Label Registration of Packaged Liquor
• Offer for Supply
• Act on Order for Supply (OFS)
 Generate Transport Pass
 Supply to Warehouses
• Managing own Inventory
• Registration of Suppliers
• Receipts of Goods & Generate EVC
• Maintaining Supplier-wise Stock
• Act on Intendent for Purchase from Retailers
• Generate Transport Pass
• Supply to Retailers
• Send Intendent for Purchase to Warehouses
• Online Payment to Bevco Account
• Receipts of Goods & Generate EVC
• Maintaining own Stock
• Integration with Bevco Portal
• Auto-Confirmation of Receipts & Payments
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