SMS based e-Services

PULL SMS : Allows the Stakeholders to request for and receive information pertaining to                                               Application/Requisition/Permit/Pass as an SMS. All what needs to do is SMS: - 

                        WBGET [Sub-Keyword] [Numeric Part of Requisition/Permit/Pass No.] 
                  and send it to
9002481874 or 8420955238

keyword  Sub-keyword  Parameter


                                                                 send message to 9002481874 or 8420955238



IPBS : Import Permit for Bulk Spirit                             IPFL : Import Permit for Foreign Liquor

TPFL : Transport Pass for Foreign Liquor                     TPCS : Transport Pass for Country Spirit

PRFL : Label Registration for Foreign Liquor                  PRCS : Label Registration for Country Spirit

SLNO : QR Code for Packed Liquor                            MEDI : Medicinal Purpose For Special Section


Numeric Part of Requisition/Permit/Pass/Registration

Sample Message : WBGET[SPACE]IPBS2456